TV Programming for Those Who Love Rural Life

It is the lack of access to cable in many country areas has caused satellite TV to become the preferred service in these rural areas. Now the addition of RFD-TV, satellite TV provides more programming to meet the specific needs and interests of many of their rural viewers.

Satellite TV providers have a reputation for inventive and diverse programming. They offer a wide range of hundreds of premium channels, international programming, sports and music. Satellite TV has changed the face of television entertainment.

A recent innovation to the Dish Network line-up targets another unique niche in the viewing market. The addition of RFD-TV will be a welcome addition by many of those who live in rural America, particularly horse lovers, farmers, and ranchers.

RFD-TV provides, family-oriented traditional programming which includes music and entertainment from country, blue grass, polka and gospel. From brief stories and poems by Baxter Black to old classics like the Porter Wagoner show and Reno's Old Time Music Festival which offers bluegrass as a re-emerging favorite, there is a wide selection of entertainment that the rural community loves. And they add something new every day.

Take horse lovers for example. They have many options with over 20 shows to choose from the schedule. Whether they are interested in competitions or instructional programming, horse-lovers’ interests should be satisfied. The many offerings include programs ranging from roping and racing to dressage and horsemanship. The programs touch on almost every horse topic imaginable.

RFD-TV provides a wide range of programming. There are specialist programs for those interested in rural heritage and history or general topics of interest such as quilting, trains, rodeo and rural lifestyles in general. Fascinating shows such as Dakota Life, Heartland Highways, Living the Country Life and Dutch Oven Cooking, to mention just a few, are part of the weekly schedule now available on Dish Network satellite TV.

It goes without saying that practical information on agriculture is also available. Shows such as Farm Week, This Week in AgriBusiness, Prairie Farm Report and various auctions can provide all the information necessary to keep the farmer up to date with farming matters.

Anyone who is interested in more detailed information about RFD-TV, can visit the website rfd-tv.com to view the programming schedule and learn about related and current events.

The programming can be as simple as it can be added as an ‘a la carte’ option for only $1.99 per month to an existing Dish Network satellite TV package or by obtaining a DISH Family or America's Top 200 package in which the cost of RFD is already included.