The Dish Network Follows You Wherever You May Be

More and more we are finding the new satellite service Dish Network appearing in locations where we never expected it to be. From its very inception, this satellite TV service has acquired the reputation of being able to provide premium programming access for those locations that are harder to reach. For some time it seems that if you are living in a rural area, satellite television is virtually your only solution for attaining entertainment at a level that most people have come to become accustomed, and at a quality level that is dependable.
Now the Dish Network service is even more noticeable and more easily sited since it has begun to make available its Pocketdish feature, which is a portable multimedia device. Using this convenient device for entertainment makes it possible for users to archive as many as 10,000 MP3, WAV or WMA music files or 200,000 photos. You can also play video games, or watch programming that has been downloaded from the Dish Network DVR.

If you are one of those who spend their time on long trips or carrying passengers about, Dish Network now offers the option of having satellite TV with you as you travel. There is now available an unobtrusive mobile satellite antenna which may be placed on the roof rack of a vehicle thus offering the passengers the chance to spend their travel time watching any one of a 100 different channels of Dish Network programming.
Another place in which the Dish Network plays a role is in-flight entertainment. This is an area that is growing. Several newer Delta planes are now offering such a service on flights for the entertainment of their passengers. A San Francisco based low-fare airline, Virgin America, plans to commence domestic service in the United States starting in the spring. They plan to include a 9 inch LCD seat mounted touch screen. In the first class sections they will use the flip out model. The player will be available to all passengers. Using these monitors the passengers while be allowed to play games and music, as well as receiving live action broadcast of satellite TV, and pay-per-view movies, all coming by way of the DISH Network and available throughout the flight.

There is no question that the Dish Network is on its way to bigger and better things. They are making themselves available in any venue that the user might choose. If you are one of the millions of people today who have such busy lives that they are not able to just sit home and relax while comfortably watching television, then this new and flexible approach to television viewing and enjoyment where your favorite shows are available to you wherever you may go, should come as a real treat.