Dish Network VS Direct TV Comparison

Dish Network Direct TV

Total Number Of Channels

280 Channels 250 Channels
Sports Channels NBA League Pass, ESPN Full Court, ESPN College Grand Slam, MLB Extra Inning, ESPN College Grand Slam, MLS Shootout NFL Season Ticket, NBA League Pass, ESPN Full Court, ESPN College Grand Slam, MLB Extra Inning, ESPN College Grand Slam, MLS Shootout
Foreign Lanuguge Channels

Spanish, Chinese, African, Arabic, Armenian, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, German, Greek, Korean, South Asian, Italian, Polish, Urdu, Persian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Filipino, Ukrainian and Spanish.

Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Filipino, Greek, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietanmese.
Movie Channels Over 30 Over 30
HD Channels HD Receiver with no additional charge HD receiver at $369.95
Additonal Benefits Free DVR which can record up to 100 hours of programming

Exclusive NFL packages like NFL Sunday Ticket are available only on Direct TV

TV Programming for Those Who Love Rural Life

It is the lack of access to cable in many country areas has caused satellite TV to become the preferred service in these rural areas. Now the addition of RFD-TV, satellite TV provides more programming to meet the specific needs and interests of many of their rural viewers.

Satellite TV providers have a reputation for inventive and diverse programming. They offer a wide range of hundreds of premium channels, international programming, sports and music. Satellite TV has changed the face of television entertainment.

A recent innovation to the Dish Network line-up targets another unique niche in the viewing market. The addition of RFD-TV will be a welcome addition by many of those who live in rural America, particularly horse lovers, farmers, and ranchers.

RFD-TV provides, family-oriented traditional programming which includes music and entertainment from country, blue grass, polka and gospel. From brief stories and poems by Baxter Black to old classics like the Porter Wagoner show and Reno's Old Time Music Festival which offers bluegrass as a re-emerging favorite, there is a wide selection of entertainment that the rural community loves. And they add something new every day.

Take horse lovers for example. They have many options with over 20 shows to choose from the schedule. Whether they are interested in competitions or instructional programming, horse-lovers’ interests should be satisfied. The many offerings include programs ranging from roping and racing to dressage and horsemanship. The programs touch on almost every horse topic imaginable.

RFD-TV provides a wide range of programming. There are specialist programs for those interested in rural heritage and history or general topics of interest such as quilting, trains, rodeo and rural lifestyles in general. Fascinating shows such as Dakota Life, Heartland Highways, Living the Country Life and Dutch Oven Cooking, to mention just a few, are part of the weekly schedule now available on Dish Network satellite TV.

It goes without saying that practical information on agriculture is also available. Shows such as Farm Week, This Week in AgriBusiness, Prairie Farm Report and various auctions can provide all the information necessary to keep the farmer up to date with farming matters.

Anyone who is interested in more detailed information about RFD-TV, can visit the website to view the programming schedule and learn about related and current events.

The programming can be as simple as it can be added as an ‘a la carte’ option for only $1.99 per month to an existing Dish Network satellite TV package or by obtaining a DISH Family or America's Top 200 package in which the cost of RFD is already included.

Watching High Definition Programs on Satellite TV

You’ve had a rough day at the office and you can’t wait to get home, take your shoes off and hit the couch in front of the TV set. This is the ultimate way to relax. Most of us manage to find new and exciting TV programs to watch. If you are a sports fan you can find many games to watch. Those that enjoy watching documentaries will have checked out what is available when they signed up for their package of channels when they decided to switch to satellite TV. There are 2 or 3 different satellite TV service providers who can deliver excellent quality satellite services.

The three major satellite TV services are DirecTV, VOOM and Dish Network. All these service providers deliver a high quality picture. The number of TV channels that they offer is staggering, so before you choose the programs you wish to include in your package you should check the method of buying your satellite TV.

The satellite TV services mentioned above all are capable of supplying the different equipment that you will need for your TV system. Either VOOM, Dish Network or DirecTV will supply and install your satellite dish and digital set-top receiver. They will also give you a remote controller to operate your new TV system.

You could purchase these items from other independent retailers who are authorized to sell satellite TV equipment and components to customers. But you will probable end up paying more for these items at these dealers than you would by buying the equipment direct from the satellite TV services. Anyway you would still need to install this equipment or pay to have it installed. Once you have your satellite dish and set-top receiver installed you will have forgotten all about the price for these minor items because the minute you see the crystal clear pictures and hear the wonderful sound coming from your TV set you will forget all else.

For this reason alone, choosing to watch satellite TV is a good investment. The satellite TV services will also be able to put you in touch with some interesting TV channels.
Among the many popular and well known TV channels you can watch there will be others that are not so well known.

These are the Discovery Wings, Speed and Love Stories network and many other exotic and interesting channels. No matter what you enjoy watching, there will be channels to satisfy you. You can also see your favorite movies on HBO, Cinemax, Mega March Madness and there is also NFL Sunday Ticket. These are just a few of the hundreds of programs you will receive from both national and international TV providers.

These are examples of the reasons that many people are now switching to watching TV on a satellite TV. The satellite TV services you choose will get you hooked up in no time at all, and allow you to also enjoy these high definition programs.

What Satellite TV Channels Are Open to Us?

The world of television has never been the same since man successfully launched communications satellites and put them into orbit above the earth. And progress continues. Now everyone can enjoy the clear quality and sound of satellite TV. All you need is a satellite dish.

Day by day, new fields of technology are opened for us. One of the most dramatic advances can be found in the numerous satellite communications and TV channel choices which are available to everyone. Take a look at the satellite TV viewing choices you are being offered by the various local cable and even international TV programs.

In addition you have the added pleasure of listening to music. Besides the general satellite TV channels you can also listen to music on the various digital channels which are available with satellite TV. The wide choice of digital music channels you can access gives you a good choice of music. In many ways the music channels are similar to the TV program ones.

The high definition quality that you get from a satellite station allows you not only a great television picture on your screen but superb sound quality of music. The new sound that accompanies the movies, sports games and ordinary programs makes you feel as though you are sitting in the center of the action. This clarity of the satellite TV channel is the same for both sound and picture quality, and when you look at different channels it’s as though you are experiencing real time action. Not only are there many different music channels to listen to, there are likewise many different television programs for you to watch.

Take a look at the number of networks you will find on satellite TV channels and you will be quite amazed by the huge choice. The highly popular satellite channels include those like Pay-Per-View, Starz, and even Showtime. Then there are also some great sports programs that can be seen on the satellite TV channels.

TV channel programs which can be found easily on satellite TV are available from different parts of the world, unlike the various cable TV packages. These international TV programs can be seen and heard as clearly as if they were nationally broadcast network programs. You will not even be aware that the program you are watching may be coming from China or India.

All you need in order to watch a satellite TV channel is a satellite dish and a digital receiving set. The satellite TV companies will supply these to you free of charge. And once you are hooked up to satellite TV you will have the entire world of TV programs available to you at a click on your remote.

Why choose our satellite TV equipment?

Are you unhappy with your cable television service? Don’t despair! You have a great alternative - satellite TV! Not only will you enjoy the programs, some satellite TV providers will give you a free satellite dish. This means you will have great entertainment, more channels and better service. There is no charge for the equipment and you will get free installation in up to four rooms plus a lifetime warranty.

Many areas of the world have already switched to satellite TV. This type of television is preferred because of the high quality of the reception which reaches your home via communications satellites. Why not make the change and enjoy better and cheaper quality? Ask those who have already chosen their satellite TV equipment and you will confirm the facts. Satellite TV is the best way of keeping informed with current events and enjoying the best in entertainment.

Satellite TV is possible because of the satellite dish which is a parabolic antenna transmitting and receiving signals to and from communications satellites. There are many sizes and designs of dishes but the larger dishes receive the signal better than the small ones. A modern satellite dish is between 43 and 80 cms in diameter. Small dishes may cause such problems as rain fade or suffer interference from adjacent satellites. This is why you should choose a satellite dish of optimum size, with no risk from bad weather or nearby satellites.

So why choose a particular dish? Firstly, there are providers who offer a free satellite dish and free installation in up to four rooms. Secondly, some providers will give you a free home protection plan and free DVR equipment options. Thirdly, you will get a lifetime warranty for the equipment they deliver. On top of all this, the monthly charge for some services is very affordable. Just think about all this - why go out looking for all this when you can get it all from particular providers. What you need to do is scout around for the best provider.

The equipment will provide you with high quality reception together with local and international channels, all available at different costs. You can choose how many channels you need in your home. The amount you pay will depend on the package you choose. Most offers include everything from cartoons to movies, sports, music, news or entertainment programs. Imagine - no more family fights for the remote control because you will get free installation and equipment in up to four rooms. You will always be able to watch your favorite TV show.

As soon as you decide that you need quality satellite TV in your house, you can order it immediately either online or by phone. After that, all you have to do is to relax, sit back and watch great TV.

How to Choose A Great Satellite TV Dish Network

“Family Corner.” That’s one definition of the TV area in many homes. “This is the place where we gather as a family in the evenings.” But there has to be an interesting program showing in order to draw all the family members around the TV set. A good choice of satellite TV dish network will make sure that you always have something to offer every member of the family.

Let’s examine three different TV providers to see if we can help you choose the one that’s best suited for your needs. The TV dish network providers will allow you to look at the various satellite TV dish network stations for your optimum choice. These networks will also allow you to choose the type of programs you want to watch. You will be able to choose from both local, national and international programs and productions according to the package of programs you choose and sign up for. There are hundreds of different choices, so allow yourself time to choose the ones that you like.

The satellite TV dish network will bring movies, sports, science fiction, music and documentaries into your house or apartment. These include programs like Cartoon Network, Mega March Madness and NFL Sunday Ticket to name just a few. You will also have access to movie channels like Cinemax, Showtime, and HBO among others.

Then there is the matter of language. Some people prefer to watch TV programs in their native language and some of the satellite TV dish network providers provide the option of changing the language of various programs on their network. The languages currently available are Spanish, Chinese, French and Hindi to name a few.

For those people who like to listen to music with high sound quality the satellite TV dish network enables you to select and listen to digital music from a number of different countries and channels. The sound quality is superb.

The other good reason to make the switch to a satellite TV dish network is that in many cases the satellite TV network will allow their signals to be received by different TVs in the same house. Service to different TV sets in the same house is provided at the same flat fee, which is covered in the installation fee package.

With a satellite TV dish network package you can inform your satellite TV dish network if you want the signals received by one TV or four different sets. The installation price will include all the sets you want to hook up. That’s another reason why people who try out satellite TV dish network services never switch back.

There’s a New Kid on the Block Called Satellite TV

In the United States there are many ways for introducing satellite television services into the home. The initial satellite television service that was made available in the United States was TVRO, which stands for TeleVision Receive Only. Fairly large satellite dishes are employed being about 3 to 5 ft across. These are able to receive signals from a variety of satellites. In order to accomplish this the satellite dishes have been designed to move in the direction of the various satellites at varying times. The system operates on a frequency called C band.
The usual owners of satellite television systems like the TVRO system, are those who like to do-it-yourself. The reason for this is that most of what can be received from C Band broadcasts is not encrypted meaning that a good TVRO system can receive more satellite television broadcasts. This allows owners of TVRO to download what is called "raw" news that is yet to be edited by a news staff. There is a problem however, and that is that there are fewer stations than Direct Broadcast Systems.

DBS or Direct Broadcast Systems, represent what is considered as being the most common form of satellite television today. These services are offered through corporations that make available packages with hundreds of channels for a monthly fee. Two well known varieties of this service operating in the United States are the Dish Network and DirecTV. The satellite dishes used by this system are only about a foot and a half across and are able to operate on higher frequencies. Since it is set on a fixed satellite, it does not have to be capable of moving.
In the case of satellite viewing, in addition to the above two services, the newest entry I'd one that a lot of people are talking about. This is often called satellite television on a PC or satellite television for a the PC, a more accurate description would be Internet TV. Even though the content is being transmitted by TV satellites are used to transmit content, the viewer is watching it on a computer via the Internet. You do need a high speed Internet connection however, along with a fairly good graphics card. If you have this you are able to become a part of a growing population of Internet Television viewers.

When you use Internet TV you are taking advantage of what is called available Free-to-Air (FTA) digital satellite broadcasts. Through this they are able to offer many channels, both video and audio. You still need to know where to look for them and to set up your computer properly.
The software necessary for watching satellite television over the Internet can vary in price from $19.95 to $75. These software applications make it possible for you to directly link with satellite TV programming that is available worldwide. This includes news, sports, music and other entertainment. The content comes from many countries. Much of it may be new to you.

The Dish Network Follows You Wherever You May Be

More and more we are finding the new satellite service Dish Network appearing in locations where we never expected it to be. From its very inception, this satellite TV service has acquired the reputation of being able to provide premium programming access for those locations that are harder to reach. For some time it seems that if you are living in a rural area, satellite television is virtually your only solution for attaining entertainment at a level that most people have come to become accustomed, and at a quality level that is dependable.
Now the Dish Network service is even more noticeable and more easily sited since it has begun to make available its Pocketdish feature, which is a portable multimedia device. Using this convenient device for entertainment makes it possible for users to archive as many as 10,000 MP3, WAV or WMA music files or 200,000 photos. You can also play video games, or watch programming that has been downloaded from the Dish Network DVR.

If you are one of those who spend their time on long trips or carrying passengers about, Dish Network now offers the option of having satellite TV with you as you travel. There is now available an unobtrusive mobile satellite antenna which may be placed on the roof rack of a vehicle thus offering the passengers the chance to spend their travel time watching any one of a 100 different channels of Dish Network programming.
Another place in which the Dish Network plays a role is in-flight entertainment. This is an area that is growing. Several newer Delta planes are now offering such a service on flights for the entertainment of their passengers. A San Francisco based low-fare airline, Virgin America, plans to commence domestic service in the United States starting in the spring. They plan to include a 9 inch LCD seat mounted touch screen. In the first class sections they will use the flip out model. The player will be available to all passengers. Using these monitors the passengers while be allowed to play games and music, as well as receiving live action broadcast of satellite TV, and pay-per-view movies, all coming by way of the DISH Network and available throughout the flight.

There is no question that the Dish Network is on its way to bigger and better things. They are making themselves available in any venue that the user might choose. If you are one of the millions of people today who have such busy lives that they are not able to just sit home and relax while comfortably watching television, then this new and flexible approach to television viewing and enjoyment where your favorite shows are available to you wherever you may go, should come as a real treat.

Now is the Time for You to Find Out About a Great Satellite TV Offer

Before putting satellite television in your home you might want to consider what are the various positive and negative aspects of such a choice. It is necessary to make a study of this so as to attain that system which is best for you. There are more than one. Consider first the advantages and disadvantages of linking up to satellite television before deciding. Here is the place where the very best satellite television offer is going to be made available to you and it will be up to you to decide which option to take.

Satellite TV Services Advantages

- Generally speaking you will have available to you a visit array of channels from which to choose when compared with cable TV not to mention even more features that are made available for an extra fee.

- Given that you have available to you a clear southern exposure, then satellite television is always available. This is true even in rural areas where cable is not available.

- When the satellite dish is correctly installed, you will receive an excellent signal with no appreciable delay.
Satellite TV Service Disadvantages

- When an unobstructed southern exposure is lacking, good reception is not possible. This would be the case if a line of sight from the dish to the satellite has in it trees, houses, etc. – It is necessary to place a satellite dish on a wall or the roof of the building. If you do not own the premises then authorization of the owner is required.

- There is a monthly fee of between $30 and $90.

After considering all of the satellite television service disadvantages and advantages, you may want to decide which offer for satellite television is the best. When you are using a satellite television service you will want to have access to many channels, but you may be thinking twice about the costs and the placing of a satellite dish on your house. There are those from whom such factors are not a problem. They can afraid to monthly costs. They may decide that using a satellite television service is really the best option. Still, there may be another problem for them.

You can enjoy live worldwide channels on your PC or laptop watching sports, movies, weather, educational, kids channel plus music, radio stations and a lot more. You don't need a satellite dish or any other additional hardware or TV card for your PC to get this best Satellite TV offer. You just need an internet connection and install the Elite Edition Satellite TV software and in minutes you will enjoy the Satellite TV on your PC. This is 100% legal and it works anywhere in the world. And the best part of it is no subscription needed and no recurring charges. You don't have to worry about monthly payment, it's just a one time payment and you can have a satellite TV for your PC. How's that? Isn't that the best satellite TV offer you could have?

Getting the Best Possible Deal When Purchasing Satellite Television

Through the use of Satellite television people throughout the world are now having made available to them a myriad of entertainment possibilities covering virtually millions of people, the ability to receive raw news being only one of them. In the United States today the concerns that are making satellite television services available to the consumer include Dish network and Direct TV. Through these two companies, satellite television is now being made available all of the residents in the United States. They are making it more enjoyable to watch television programming than ever before. They are presenting the most favorable television deals today.

At the same time that satellite television is expanding, the Internet is also growing incredibly. There are no longer any limits to how the Internet may be used. Today there are larger numbers of people spending time online than ever before. They are busy sending emails to friends, chatting with them through the use of instant messaging, keeping up with the latest news, playing games online and other things. But what about the idea of combining satellite television with your computer? Can you think of a better television arrangement? In fact it has to be agreed that the ability to watch satellite television while using your pc online is the best that is available.

In order to get service from the companies mentioned above, you have to order a satellite dish for your home and in addition, pay a monthly fee ranging from thirty to ninety dollars a month. There is however, a way to get a great satellite television deal without even having to pay. There is in fact a way to get all the information and entertainment offered by satellite television.

Satellite television direct to your computer is now the best deal. This way you are able to surf the Internet while watching satellite television and not even having to pay for the satellite television service. This certainly has to be the best satellite TV deal available. Satellite TV Software by Elite Edition makes it possible to watch satellite television on your computer. This is certainly the finest satellite TV deal available today giving you access to over 3000 stations which you can watch on your PC computer or laptop. You need only pay once in order to gain access to virtually thousands of worldwide channels brought directly to your PC or laptop. You can watch news, sports, movies, educational information including radio stations and much more. What's more, it is legal and available all over the world requiring no additional hardware or special TV card. All you need is an Internet link and the software and you can make your PC into a satellite television. With this arrangement you don't need to deal with monthly billings. All you need is the software and that is all you have to pay. Don't hesitate to download the software from Elite Edition Satellite TV and begin to enjoy satellite television online.