A Yellow Chair and a Half Sleeper

A chair and a half sleeper is a great way to decorate your apartment. They are perfect for sitting in, and you can generally pull them out a bit to open up the sleeper portion for a quick nap.

Feel like relaxing with a good book, or while you surf the internet on your tablet? Then, again, these kinds of chairs are great for exactly that. Who wouldn’t want a chair that is easy to sleep on?

Now, why choose yellow? Well, there is really no reason to do so. Yellow just is a nice, relaxing color despite it being a “warm” one. Nonetheless, if I were to buy a chair and a half sleeper, it would definitely be yellow.

So, what are some of the pro’s of getting this piece of furntiture for your home?

  • It fits nicely in nearly any sized room.
  • If you buy a yellow one, you obviously have excellent taste.
  • You can sleep on a chair and a half sleeper way easier than sleeping on a regular chair
  • Did I mention you can buy them in the pleasing and wonderful color yellow?

Now there are always a few cons as well.

  • Not everyone likes the color yellow. I know, I also think those people have something wrong with them. But we aren’t here to judge.
  • Really that is all. I mean, how can you go wrong with one of these things?

In any case, as you can see, these are great furnishings. I encourage everyone to go out and buy one right now. I don’t care where you get it, but trust me you definitely want one.

I’m currently sat in my chair and a half sleeper while I’m typing this short article. It makes me sleepy. Mine is actually just regular old mocha color. I wish it were yellow!